The kick-off

Obviously, you’re here. But what is here? I can go into it more, but I figured I’d keep it short and sweet. I had a blog post to write inorder to really flesh this out, but I figured I’d have more time to articulate what that really is.

You see, I’ve done this before. Several times. Some moments before. The platform was different. Other times, probably all the same, but it was probably the most consistent thing here. The domains changed guard many a year. kevinkellyxp,, – all subject to either lack of drive, focus, and an evil real estate agent who took the best one while the site renewal dragon was nowhere to be seen.

This is probably about 1/3 into the story of my career. I wouldn’t be able to run with alot more than whatever I’d be putting here. It’s almost akin to that Nelly Furtado song whereas she’d literally sing about absolutely nothing to a Timbaland  beat. Sure, this post literally renders nothing. It’s space compared to the LinkedIn profile that follows it.

What will be different?
Minus WordPress being an absolute beast with its’ new interface changes, and its’ ability to be nearly Web 3.0, I’ll commit to articles to help, assistance and less uninformative rambling, negative commentary, toxic insults, and other debauchery. I’ll commit to this – github, and projects, aside. This will touch on mostly the technical end of things, while the medium will probably be me contributing elsewhere to more non-technical level rambling. The schedule will happen every Friday, I figure.

Still, I couldn’t over-think this any further. I write better game reviews than I do about the tech I stumble/fumble upon during the day-to-day. Also, some needy advice on networking and some other hodge-podge. Am I qualified enough to rip this open?

Only time will tell. Read at your own peril. If you retrieve something from these missives, be sure to comment. No refunds.

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  1. Robert says:

    This is the beginning. Good job!

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